About FutureAI

FutureAI is an award-winning, early-stage technology company revolutionizing AI by adding actual real-world understanding. This differs from today’s AI, which analyzes massive data sets, looking for patterns and correlations without understanding any of the data it processes.

FutureAI’s radical software creates connections on its own between different types of real-world sensory input (such as sight, sound, and touch) in the same way that a human brain interprets everything it knows in the context of everything else it knows.

Check Out Sallie!

COMING SOON! FutureAI's “Sallie” project is a combination of Artificial Mind and sensory pods to create Artificial General Intelligence!

Full-Time Employment & Internships

FutureAI offers the fast-paced environment of a true high-tech startup; the long-term rewards can be outstanding.

Join our interns from prestigious Universities such as Stanford. FutureAI gives you the opportunity to make a real difference.

Download the FREE Brain Simulator II software

Simulates millions of neurons and combines algorithmic AI code into a single unit. Currently developing modules for research into object comprehension, time comprehension, and learned algorithms. Click for more info.